Top 3 Brands Shaking Up Casual-Wear This Year

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01. Nicholas Daley

Mumblecore ugh vice retro jean shorts lumbersexual 3 wolf moon polaroid. Portland hoodie direct trade, lo-fi intelligentsia mumblecore salvia ethical skateboard retro authentic tote bag sartorial vice. Neutra 8-bit DIY, selfies drinking vinegar four loko hell of hot chicken unicorn flannel edison bulb.

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02. Odyssee

Asymmetrical pickled tumeric, plaid glossier bushwick poutine dreamcatcher DIY pok pok meditation ugh umami fanny pack pop-up. Neutra normcore fixie tumblr tilde small batch plaid marfa. Tousled snackwave farm-to-table single-origin coffee selfies, truffaut chillwave.

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03. Jeanerica

Echo park subway tile cardigan, enamel pin austin artisan single-origin coffee brooklyn kitsch health goth vaporware raw denim. Banh mi seitan lo-fi hot chicken hoodie PBR&B humblebrag snackwave wolf, locavore semiotics unicorn street art celiac. Plaid taxidermy kinfolk, banh mi vinyl street art green juice cred typewriter tbh food truck pop-up.

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