Frequently Asked Questions

How to shop or order on Lavies online store?

You can order from our website or also from the links provided on our Facebook and Instagram pages Lavies online store. You can also call our contact number and order any product available.

How to cancel my order?

Please email our customer service team at or send messages on our social media platform or alternatively make a call to our customer service team.

Where are we located?

We are located in Donholm Greenfields in Nairobi, Kenya.

Do you have a pick-up point?

Yes, one in Donholm Greenfields and in CBD Nairobi.

Delivery charges?

Delivery Charges depend on the location of delivery or pick up as we mostly use bolt riders for delivery. Therefore the delivery will be handled by the riders depending on the rates. 

Does the product have a warranty?

We don’t have a warranty but we do have an exchange policy of 7 days apart from phones, which have 1-year warranties

Can I change my product with another type of the same product?

Unfortunately, you cannot change the product after you have confirmed for delivery or after it has been delivered.

How can I track my order?

After placing an order, the customer is provided with an order number this helps during tracking of your when you call our customer service team. Or you can use our order tracking page to track your order.

What is our Paybill/Till number?

Our Paybill business number is 400200 and account number 40094530

Can the order be delivered right now?

We don’t have same-day delivery services

Do you deliver outside Nairobi and at what cost?

Yes, we do deliveries outside Nairobi at a fee depending on the location

Opening and closing hours?

We are open from 8.00 am to 4.00 pm, but you can place an order from the website 24 hrs.

How to view or add an item to the cart?

The customer will click on the shopping cart to manage the shopping list you can add or remove.

How to place multiple orders as one order place an order as one order number/how to remove multiple orders that placed and remain with one?

You go to the shopping cart then you can manage your list can add or remove it.

When am I eligible for a refund or an exchange?

When the item is out of stock and you have already paid or when the item you have ordered is damaged or does not match the description.

How do I pay at the Lavies Online store? Do you allow cards?

You pay us through our Mpesa paybill business number 400200 and account number 40094530